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Published: 15th April 2011
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Canada is a vast, sweeping landscape of beauty no matter where you go: Toronto is an immaculately clean urban jungle with people bustling on the streets as quickly as New Yorkers between shifts and Mississauga is a quaint, sleepy little town to the north. What both of these areas share in common is the presence of animals that aren't welcome Toronto sees its share of raccoons and rodents of small varieties just as surely as Mississauga does. Perhaps something you won't find in Toronto as readily as in Mississauga are the deer, elk and moose that can habitually stray into roads creating major risk factors while driving. Another concern out to the north are bears: it is entirely possible to find a bear galloping around your neighborhood on a bad day of the week in Mississauga. If you've come to your wits end about an ongoing animal issue, turn no farther than to wildlife control. Mississauga game wardens will come by and take your report as well as take care of the animal problem you're suffering through while using ethical procedures in wildlife control. Mississauga animal control people love their jobs and the animals they work to save don't hesitate to contact them first thing as they'll do all in their power to preserve the lives of Canadian animal friends! While some pest agencies may only be interested in the destruction of irritating animals, not all companies in Canada that deal with animal issues are like that. By scouting around on consumer advocacy sites you'll be able to identify the pest control services that truly care about the animals that they work with by attempting to rehome and relocate animals at every turn rather than putting them down.

In some cases there is nothing more that can be done besides euthanasia as effective animal control. If an animal is found to have rabies, that animal becomes a major threat to all humans within range. A single bite can result in years of suffering and hours to days of treatment in order to slow the progression of the disease as much as possible. Rabies is no joke: if you see an animal foaming from the mouth, stay far away from it and call animal services quickly for their expert hand at wildlife control. Experienced animal handlers will come to your site and take care of the animal properly. Whether they catch the animal in a net, cage or through sedation, their goal will be getting a blood sample before killing the accused critter. If there is rabies present, unfortunately there is no cure for rabies and the animal will have to be put down. In many cases, the animal that had been foaming at the mouth could have been suffering from dehydration or a suite of other symptoms that cause a foamy mouth. This is why it's essential to call wildlife control. Mississauga animals aren't able to fend for themselves by taking the right precautionary steps we are ensuring that the majority of them can live in peace and safety.

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